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Wood-plastic co-extrusion floor is produced by extrusion molding technology. The surface of wood-plastic floor is evenly and firmly coated with co-extrusion layer. The wood-plastic flooring produced by this new technology has the advantages of wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-fouling and weathering resistance in addition to retaining the anti-mildew, anti-insect and other physical properties of traditional wood-plastic flooring. The protective layer of co-extruded wood flooring has clear wood grain and natural color, and is covered with co-extruded on all sides to protect the core layer of the plate, which is more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant。Coextrusion wood plastic profile is a new product in recent years. It is produced by the most advanced extrusion molding technology in the industry. Coextrusion wood plastic than ordinary wood plastic more than a layer of protective layer, more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, no cracking, no mildew.
Product characteristics:
1. coextrusion wood plastic profile protective layer has the characteristics of high imitation wood pattern. Natural, beautiful color 360° coating, with a rich and diverse appearance, plate more durable wear, no cracking, stain resistance, weathering resistance, pressure resistance, performance than ordinary wood plastic greatly improved;
2. protective layer and core layer, covering tightly without separation; coextrusion process without adhesive, formaldehyde and other harmful substance ;
3. core layer using hard fiber, strength than ordinary wood plastic;
4. formula reduces shrinkage and expansion rate compared with ordinary wood plastic;
5. co-extrusion is more conducive to environmental protection and profile performance enhancement, outdoor floor high-end demand first choice