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Wood plastic embossing is the most important step of wood plastic surface treatment .After the wood - plastic plate is treated by the pressing press or the online pressing device ,the plastic plate become a lasting , concave and convex , pattern is formed on its surface .Wood plastic pressing makes wood plastic products is no longer monotonous plastic plate , make its surface more beautiful , can play the decorative role of the plate more .With the continuous improvement of wood plastic pressing technology , wood plastic pressing is not limited to simple concave and convex lines , but now wood plastic pressing tends to strong three - dimensional effect and rich layers change relief pattern .The pattern design is also more realistic , and the pattern style also tends to be diversified .Wood plastic pressing flower has become another highlight and innovation point of wood plastic products production .Online 3D wood grain wood flooring , known for its realistic 3D wood grain effects .The wood grain depth is deep , and the anti - skid effect is very good , coupled with the hierarchy of 3D wood grain , which greatly increases the beauty .Deeply loved by the users .