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Jul 09, 2021
The application of plastic wood fence can be seen in many landscape areas. This kind of guardrail does not use traditional wood raw materials in the whole manufacturing process, and only uses plastic-wood raw materials for the production and processing steps. Therefore, this kind of guardrail has the advantages and characteristics of plastic-wood raw materials. When using the guardrail, there is no need to worry about being harmed by the surrounding environment. In rainy days or ultra-low temperature standards, the guardrail can remain unchanged. The humid and cold natural environment will cause little damage to the guardrail, thereby increasing the service life of the guardrail. Normally, attention must be paid to the timely maintenance of the guardrail.

So what are the maintenance methods for plastic wood guardrails?

Carrying out maintenance on the guardrail on time can keep the surface of the raw material stable. If the surface of the guardrail is found to be dirty, the worker must immediately remove it. Do not leave any marks on the surface of the guardrail, but it is not necessary to apply it to the unresolved dirt. For hard objects to be eliminated, only a thin cloth should be used for scrubbing. After cleaning and maintenance, the guardrail can remain in its original condition.

Usually in the whole process of applying the guardrail, it is necessary to minimize the occurrence of scratches, etc., because once such a mark is left on the surface of the guardrail, it is more difficult to solve it, so when necessary, the safety device can be lifted around the guardrail. The above is a simple and detailed introduction to the professional knowledge of guardrail maintenance. Normally, you must pay attention to this problem during the application of the guardrail. Carrying out maintenance on the guardrail on time can make the raw material application longer.

1. Dust

Dust is a common dirt in outdoor guardrails during long-term work. The dust in the air will always fall on the plastic-wood guardrail. If cleaning is not carried out for a long time, it is very easy to produce stains that cannot be cleaned. For this kind of dust, everyone can use harder brushes and hot soapy liquid to clean the plastic wood guardrail;

2. Mildew

The rainy weather in southern China has filled the air with this damp and cold smell, which has caused great harm to people and objects, let alone the harm to the plastic wood fence that is outdoors during long-term work. The damp and cold gas is very easy to grow Aspergillus flavus, which will not only harm the beauty and elegance, but also continue to harm its application life. To deal with this kind of dirt, everyone can use a general mildewcide or wipe it off immediately with a steel ball;

3. Oil stains

Non-motor vehicles that are stranded in the traffic can't help putting their hands on the guardrail. The oil stains on the palms of the palms or the oil stains of the ingredients on the hands will stay on the surface of the plastic wood guardrail, and there is no way to clean up. When you encounter such a situation, you can only use oily detergent and soap liquid to solve it.

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