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Oct 30, 2021
Three installation methods of outdoor plastic wood floor with keel
As a new type of polymer composite, outdoor plastic wood flooring is more and more around you. With the excellent anti-corrosion, mildewproof and anti-aging properties, as well as no fading and no deformation, it has been recognized by the majority of users. When installing outdoor plastic wood floor, keel is an indispensable key accessory; So, how do we install the keel?
Outdoor landscape plastic wood floor installation
When installing the keel, the distance between the keels generally depends on the thickness of the plastic wood floor; When the thickness of plastic wood floor is less than 25mm, the spacing between keels shall not exceed 250mm, and the maximum keel spacing shall not exceed 400mm.

Usually, when we install the keel, we will encounter the following ground conditions;

1. Concrete foundation on the ground; The concrete leveling is completed, and the concrete thickness is not less than 8mm; Then, we can directly use the plastic expansion plug to fix the plastic wood keel on the concrete floor.

Installation of plastic wood keel on concrete floor

2. If the ground is pure soil and the floor installation surface needs to be raised, we can first excavate the foundation pit on the ground and embed the concrete and galvanized pipe column. Generally, the diameter and depth of the foundation pit shall not be less than 300mm, the specification of galvanized pipe for column shall not be less than 60 * 60MM, and the wall thickness of pipe shall not be less than 2mm; The span between columns shall be controlled within 1800mm; After the column is embedded, the galvanized pipe keel shall be welded on the column, and the specification is recommended to be more than 40 * 60MM.

Steel structure welding and suspended keel installation
3. When installing the hanging walk plank path on the pond, lake or park landscape ecological agricultural crops, it is necessary to take care of the flowers and plants, or when the lake surface cannot be drained in a large area, the galvanized ground screw can be directly screwed into the ground, and then the galvanized pipe keel can be welded on the ground screw. If it is installed in the lake pond or the ambient air humidity is high, it is recommended to select hot-dip galvanized square pipe to avoid corrosion.

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