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Nov 08, 2022
The past and present of wood plastic outdoor floor
When the early first generation of wood plastic outdoor floor just appeared on the market, it could only provide a few color choices, but at that time, the decoration company or the owner sought such a product that was easier to maintain, longer in service life and pest resistant than the traditional anti-corrosion wood outdoor floor. To be honest, the early wood plastic outdoor floor also has many problems, such as easy to breed mold or mildew. However, the market demand for wood plastic outdoor flooring is still growing rapidly. Next, wood plastic flooring manufacturers began to constantly research and develop new wood plastic outdoor flooring to provide better products to the market. The American Fiberon Company is one of the best!
The surface of today's Fiberon outdoor floor looks almost the same as that of red cedar or Brazil walnut, but they will never age and decay. (All wood cannot avoid aging and decay outdoors) Compared with the early wood plastic outdoor floor, Fiberon outdoor floor has opened a new chapter, which is more durable, more colorful, more realistic texture and more simplified installation process. We can see that there is a special PermaTech co extruded coating layer on the surface of Fiberon outdoor floor, which is a bit like the production process of golf balls. In addition, concealed fasteners are used for uniform installation, and no screws are needed on the floor surface. Compared with the complex regular maintenance of traditional anti-corrosion wood, the maintenance of Fiberon outdoor floor is equivalent to zero! Maybe you just need to wash it with water every year, that's all.
Fiberon outdoor floor can be made longer, such as 3.66M or even longer, which will make the joints of the entire terrace few, the effect is better, and the installation is simple and fast! There is no need to worry about warping, decay and cracking. There is no need to use chemical curing agents such as paint, sealant or wood wax oil like traditional anti-corrosion wood outdoor floors. Moreover, the surface of Fiberon outdoor floor has a unique PermaTech patent coating layer, which makes the floor surface more stain resistant and scratch resistant! These are the reasons why Fiberon outdoor flooring is increasingly favored by more and more owners and customer companies around the world.

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