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Jun 24, 2021
Compare the difference between wood-plastic materials and wood: When manufacturing plastic-wood products, the cost of wood-plastic profiles is lower than that of wood. Wood plastic profile is a profile extruded and stretched through a special profile die. It can manufacture molds of various shapes according to our needs, and produce contours of various shapes to meet the needs of customers, and have any length. The length of all wood is limited by the age of the tree. Various shapes are processed by carpenters.

In the case of wood and plastic materials of the same shape and volume, the profits of wood and plastic materials are less. Under the condition of not affecting the structural strength, wood and plastic materials are selected in hollow form, and their strength far 
exceeds that of wood.

For example, when laying outdoor plastic wood flooring, wood requires a thicker solid wood. For wood-plastic materials, only hollow materials with a thickness of 25mm can be used, whose strength far exceeds that of anticorrosive wood with a thickness of 45mm. In other words, when used for outdoor flooring materials, for example, the usage amount of wood is 1 cubic meter, so plastic wood only needs about 0.5 cubic meter. For wood-plastic materials, the outline is selected in the form of a hollow, which can save a lot of data. We all know that aluminum alloy doors and windows can be rolled out quickly, because we are hollow profiles. If it is a solid aluminum alloy door and window, the price will be astonishing. Wood-plastic hollow can save some, although it is not as good as aluminum, but it is also more objective. We all know that hollow can reduce weight without compromising strength. WPC can be hollow, but wood does not have this advantage.

The appearance of wood plastic does not need to be treated with paint, usually wood needs external paint or water-based paint. In other words, the construction of WPC is convenient and cheap.

Finished wood plastic products can be protected in the wild. The use of wood in the wild needs to be protected once a year, while outdoor products made of wood-plastic materials do not need to be protected every year, saving a lot of labor costs. Therefore, the maintenance cost of wood plastic materials should be small. Plastic wood has excellent physical properties, has the machinability of thermoplastics, and is easy to implement; it has the same secondary processing properties as wood, and can be sawed, planed and fixed with nails or screws; good processing characteristics can be sawed and planed , Turn, cut, nail. Drilling, grinding and nail holding power are significantly better than other comprehensive data. It can also be used for secondary processing such as hot bending, bonding and painting. It is easy to produce finished products with various standards, sizes, shapes and thicknesses, and can provide various plans, colors and wood grains for the finished products. The internal combination strength is high because the composite material contains polyester and has a good elastic modulus.

In addition, since it contains wood fibers and is cured by resin, it has physical and mechanical functions suitable for hardwood, such as compressibility and impact resistance, and its usability is significantly better than ordinary wood materials.

Good appearance stability, the scaly shape of wood-plastic products will not crack, crack, warp and deform, and will not leave scars, diagonal lines, stains, enzyme spots and other shortcomings on the wood. The production efficiency is high, the material has the molding and processing characteristics of thermoplastics, the molding cycle is short, the processing steps are few, and the realization is convenient. The adjustable function is excellent. Resin can be polymerized, foamed, cured, modified and other changes through additives to change the density and strength of wood plastic materials. It can also achieve special properties such as anti-aging, anti-static and flame retardant.

Recyclable wood-plastic composite materials can be reused, and can be reused 100 times. It is biodegradable and does not contain any ingredients harmful to the human body. It protects forest resources and the ecological environment. It is a new type of environmentally friendly material in the new century.

The wooden appearance has a good decorative effect, and its hands are very similar to wood. The service life of WPC, WPC material and its products have the advantages of wood and plastic. After use, it has a long service life, has a wooden appearance, and has higher hardness and rigidity than plastic products; it is resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, water and corrosion, does not breed bacteria, is not easy to moth, does not grow fungi, is resistant to aging and corrosion, and has low water absorption. , Good flame retardancy, flame retardancy, zero formaldehyde, no pollution, good resistance to enzyme and sterilization, can be used in outdoor environments for more than 20 years, and can be used in indoor environments for a longer time.

YIDA WPC is a leading wood-plastic composite material factory in Ningbo, China. We have more than 10 years of production experience in manufacturing outdoor floors, outdoor tables and chairs, indoor and outdoor wall panels, stair panels, ceilings, fences, railings, garden handrails, garden pavilionsflower boxes, flower stands, etc. The product has the advantages of waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, insect-proof, maintenance-free, green, recyclable, and easy to install. It is widely used in various fields such as building materials, decoration materials, packaging and transportation.