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Jun 24, 2021
Plastic wood flower boxes are becoming more and more common in people's lives. A little green and a little cozy on the flower boxes flood the streets and alleys around us. Flower boxes are mainly used for planting flowers in parks, squares and terraces, and are generally used in conjunction with flower stands. The following is a detailed introduction to the knowledge of the flower box.

The shape of the flower box is mostly rectangular, square, and hexagonal. The length depends on the spaciousness of the placement. In order to ensure the stability of the flower box, the design is generally about one meter, the width should be 80 cm, and the depth 60 cm is appropriate, not too large or too small. If the flower box is too large, the load is too heavy, the structure is unstable, and if it is too small, the root system of the plant is not easy to stretch, and the buffering ability to external environmental changes is weak, which affects the growth of the plants in the flower box.

Definition of anticorrosive wood flower box: It is a flower box that uses wood such as Pinus sylvestris and pineapple grid as raw materials, and the surface of the wood is chemically treated.

Definition of plastic wood flower box: plastic wood flower box is a flower box made of plastic wood.

Product features of outdoor plastic wood flower box:

1. Strong sense of wood;
2. Durable, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, high density;
3. Strong anti-ultraviolet rays and stable color;
4. Waterproof/moisture, anti-termite;
5. Easy installation and low cost;
6. No paint, no glue, maintenance-free;
7. 100% environmental protection, saving forest resources;
8. Barefoot, non-slip, anti-crack;
9. The temperature adaptability is strong, and it can be used at ease from minus 40 
degrees to minus 60 degrees;

The difference between anticorrosive wood flower box and plastic wood flower box material:

1. Material

Anticorrosive wooden flower box-pineapple grid, Pinus sylvestris, Red pine, etc.
Plastic wood flower box-plastic wood. (Plastic wood is a composite material, which is a mixture of plastic and wood flour, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fibers.)

2. Life

The anticorrosive wood flower box is generally 1-2 years.
Plastic wood flower boxes are generally 3-4 years old.

3. Airtightness

Anticorrosive wooden flower box-gaps on all sides.
Plastic wood flower box-tight on all sides.

4. Low temperature resistance

Anticorrosive wooden flower box-the surface is easy to be damaged, and the low temperature resistance is poor.
Plastic wood flower box-composite material, good thermal insulation performance.

5. Corrosion resistance

Anticorrosive wooden flower box-the preservative on the surface of the anticorrosive wooden flower box fades, the anti-corrosion ability of the flower box is greatly weakened, and it is easy to break.
Plastic wood flower box-plastic wood material has high strength, abrasion resistance and stable chemical properties.

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