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Jun 30, 2021
WPC decking, aka composite decking, refers to a type of decking material, which is made from a combo of wood and plastic. WPC is short for wood plastic composite and the composition of the material consists of 55% HDPE plus additives and 45% timber fiber. In this article, we are going to take a look at the primary benefits of this type of decking. Without further ado, let's do the exploration.

Unlike standard decking, WPC is rising in popularity due to the myriad of benefits it may offer. You can enjoy a lot of benefits should you go for this product instead of others out there.

1. Durability

Since WPC decking contains plastic, this material is a lot more durable than the alternatives. Apart from this, the decking is made to stand the test of time and blend seamlessly. So, it's resistant to a number of elements that may have a negative impact on the life of the decking.

This product resists mold, scratching, staining and fading. In fact, it's so durable that you may get even 10 years of guarantee on your product against decay, cracking, rotting, and splitting.

2. Low Maintenance

When it comes to WPC decking, there is no need to worry about painting, staining, and sanding. All you need is occasional cleaning using soap and water to ensure the decking is good for years to come.

It's important to note that this type of decking may not resist water stains but they tend to go away after the rain has stopped. Also, they may require that you clean them with a bit more effort.

3. Sustainable

Usually, WPC decking is made from materials that are good for the environment. They are made from recycled products or materials, which may prolong the life of the product. Therefore, you won't need to replace the product for years to come.

4. Cost-Effective

In the beginning, you may feel that the cost of WPC decking is high, but the product may look good even after years. Also, the upkeep is also almost free of cost. On the other hand, standard decking may be a lot more costly.

In other words, you can save a lot of time and money when it comes to the maintenance aspect. You can spend money on other things in your house. Unlike timber, WPC decking may last much longer. So, you won't have to bear a lot of costs.

5. Installation

When it comes to installation, know that WPC decking is one of the best choices. First, the substructure has to be prepared for proper drainage under the deck area. Apart from this, the subframe has to be laid in a way that there is a gradient of around 1% from the walls. Also, it must be laid lengthwise. Also, the subframe is set from obstacles or surrounding walls so that it expands when needed.

Long story short, this was a description of some main benefits of WPC decking. Hopefully, now you have a much better understanding of the product.

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